Inspire, motivate and uplift your staff with the power and infectious energy of Brazilian Batucada drumming – widely considered to be “the epitome of the percussive ensemble”. Every instrument and section plays an equally key role in the Bateria percussion band. With this core principle in mind, we use the language of music and movement to foster unity, ignite creativity and build a truly strong team dynamic.

The benefits of team building through the universal rhythms of percussion are immense; from reducing stress, increasing vitality and mental focus to promoting a healthy working environment and boosting productivity through a sense of shared vision. Be it conferences, strategy sessions, corporate events, team building and leadership programs our engaging team building activities will infuse any team or organisation with the joy and collaborative spirit that Brazil is known for.

Rhythm Brazil offers team building activities with both drumming and dance. Contact us to create the most effective Team Building activity for your organisation and staff.


Rhythm Brazil’s corporate classes are the ideal way to boost staff energy levels, create a positive mindset and add a little excitement to the working day.

Our enjoyable, lively classes in Brazilian dance and drumming are designed specifically for the corporate professional and suitable for anyone. The primary objective of our fun and friendly classes is to reduce stress, create motivation and subsequently increase productivity in the workplace.

Classes can take place at any time during the working day or after hours. We can come to your office space or arrange the classes at a location that is suitable for your company.