Fattisha is a passionate and explosive dancer, instructor, choreographer and costume designer. She was born in Cairo, Egypt and spent most of her early years there training and participating in various forms of dance and martial arts. Having a very natural artistic talent, Fattisha actually started dancing at the age of 2 and the art form has become a key element of her life.

Fattisha moved to Australia with her family in 2001 and attended the Alice Springs High School. Her exceptional dance ability was evident and she began teaching dance at her high school at the age of 17. It was during this time that Fattisha’s passion truly blossomed and she started to focus on dance at a higher level. She taught dance styles including Hip Hop, Afro, Reggaeton and Zumba at various primary schools in Alice Springs, worked with the Incite Youth Arts Centre and performed and choreographed in the showcase “Kompany Kido” for Kido Manuvas.

In 2006 Fattisha moved to Adelaide to study Justice and Society at Flinders University. While studying, she taught dance at various schools including Woodville High and Henley Beach High School. Fattisha also worked with the Australian Company of Performing Arts both as a choreographer and dancer.

Since moving to Sydney in 2010 to pursue her dance career, Fattisha has worked as an instructor and performer with various companies including Little Champion (Zumba for Kids), Danza Sydney and Prana Entertainment. She set up her own dance business called Foreva Dance and is a full time instructor and performer in the art form she loves.

Fattisha is a talented, versatile and dynamic dancer who is skilled in a variety of genres including Samba, African, Afro Brazilian, Afro Caribbean Candombe, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Soca, Reggaeton, Bellydance and Bollywood. This multi-talented mother of a young son also has her own costume design business called Stylisha Exclusive Designs. Her couture costumes are fast becoming sought after items amongst the professional dance industry.

Fattisha has been an invaluable member of the Rhythm Brazil ensemble for the past three years. She has performed on The X Factor with international artists such as Jason Derulo and James Arthur as well as on Channel 7 and Fox Sports News and appeared in commercials for Rapid Loss and Adidas. Fattisha is known for her passion, dedication and explosive energy as a performer. Her joyful spirit and true love for dance radiates through all her dance work.